Blast Frozen on Leven

Looking across to Sgorr Dhearg - a cold and windy late winter day with snow on the mountains
Looking across to Sgorr Dhearg

Now I know what an Ammo sandeel feels like… Out with Ian on the loch yesterday and the wind was blasting down from the east, straight off the snow fields of the Mamores and Rannoch Moor. Frigid!

Frigid Loch Leven
Frigid Loch Leven

And pointless 🙁 Our total catch was 1 crab and a solitary clappy doo (although in my defence it was fairly hooked).

Catch of the day - one large clappy doo, or horse mussel
Catch of the day:-(

I don’t think we can be accused of not trying, but it was a struggle to get baits out far enough and to keep the retrieve out of the weed. And something down there was hungry all right, as the baits came back well shredded – admittedly probably only by crabs.

Arctic blast on Leven
Arctic blast on Leven

Late in the day the wind dropped a little, but by then we were pretty much chilled through and called time as the light faded away.

Ian casts out
Ian casts out

At least it stayed dry, apart from the snow on the way over, but it’s reminder we’re not through with winter yet.

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