18 September 2011 – Loch Etive

Weather: Calm or light winds, warm and quite sunny
Sea: Calm, fair peaty colour to surface water further up loch
Time: 0830-2000 – 11.5 hours
Tides: Moderate tides, HW approx 1100

Lovely day to be out although the fishing was a little slow. I tried about 5 marks during the day, mainly between Airds and the Priory, but finished up well up the loch near Cadderlie. Finished up with a dozen small spurs and 14 thornbacks, plus more whiting than I’ve seen for a while (if you include a couple of head-only captures). Fish seemed pretty evenly spread across all the marks – nothing outstandingly good or bad.

To be honest the day was a lot better than it sounds, as the loch was looking beautiful in the late summer sunshine and the lovely calm evening was completely relaxing – a great antidote to city living.

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