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Playing a skate as the sun fades
Playing a skate as the sun fades

It was a bit of a toss up whether to head to Etive or carry on a bit and try fishing for skate off Oban, but a combination of small tides and calm weather tempted Ian and I into a spot of skate fishing from Gallanach.

My reservations about skate hunting were further overcome when the sun came out big time and I could safely settle down for a snooze whilst waiting for some action…. maybe.

Apart from a few dogfish on small baits, a snooze was as good as it got all the way through the ebb, and I was pleased to catch a couple of modest spurdogs to add a little excitement.

Spurdog in the 7-8lb range
Spurdog in the 7-8lb range

About 90 minutes into the flood tide, and with the sun almost setting, Ian’s rod finally got some action with a fish that messed around for several minutes before Ian set the hook.

Playing an Oban skate

This fish played around in the tide, alternating some fairly easy retrieval with powerful dives that left Ian struggling to stop it.

Playing a skate as the sun fades
Playing a skate as the sun fades

However experience gradually told and the familiar outline of a decent fish eventually emerged, kiting gently in the current.

Bringing a skate to the gaff

Lifting a 100lber aboard Alcatraz

A quick haul in for a few photos and back it went – later confirmed at 103lbs on the size tables. Not a monster but a fine male fish nonetheless.

Ian with a 103lb skate

By now it was getting dark and time to haul anchor from 500 feet below us, before heading back to Puffin Dive Centre at Gallanach, and then home, via the chippie at Oban.

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