50,000 Acres of Wrath

Crossing Strath Chailleach

Raw coastal wilderness is a rare beast, even in the remoter parts of mainland Scotland, and the magnificent isolation surrounding Cape Wrath is now almost unique. It’s one of my go-to places when I need to escape my fellow humans for a day or three. Sandwood Bay can be pretty popular at times, but very… Continue reading 50,000 Acres of Wrath

Wildcamp at Sandwood Bay

Lobbing a bait into the surf

A couple of weeks ago I managed to escape back towards Cape Wrath for a little wildcamp at Sandwood Bay. Surf, scenery and solitude reset a jaded mind very effectively! A few fish would be nice, and September is generally a good month to find them, but my real aim was just to have a little chill… Continue reading Wildcamp at Sandwood Bay

Sutherland Bass

Solitary splendour at Sandwood

I live a long way from the wilds of Sutherland, so it was a 5 hour drive through Friday afternoon traffic before I finally got parked up. And then the hard work started as I marched on for a further couple of hours to reach my destination. I pitched my little Vango tent in the early dark, on the grassy machair… Continue reading Sutherland Bass

Meandering my way to Cape Wrath

Loch Keisgaig

I’ve paid two or three visits to the far northwest in the last couple of years. Wonderfully remote and isolated country in which to escape for a day or three, it makes for perfect chillout territory, especially if you pick your weather. My latest trip to the extremes of Cape Wrath was more hiking than fishing but I… Continue reading Meandering my way to Cape Wrath

A Pilgrimage to Sandwood Bay

Sandwood Beach with Spitfire engine

Very remote, often stormy, and always stunning, Sandwood is a broad sandy bay guarded on either end by sandstone cliffs hundreds of feet high which sits in the extreme and rather inaccessible NW corner of the Scottish mainland. Over the years it has acquired an almost mystical reputation as a place to visit, complete with the ghosts of drowned… Continue reading A Pilgrimage to Sandwood Bay