Starting Back…

Fine little cod

Like everyone, I’ve had lots of plans cancelled due to Covid house arrest over the last few months. And, after all these disappointments, it’s good to finally get back on the saddle. My first trip out was at Skateraw, with the SIB for company. I’ve not used the old Avon for a couple of years… Continue reading Starting Back…

Shooting the Breeze at St Andrews

A better ballan for Ian

Late August saw Ian, Trevor and I bouncing around on Ian’s Raider a few miles along the coast from St Andrews. Aside from a few codling it proved a rather rollercoaster style experience so we snuck back inshore, under the shelter of the low cliffs along this part of the coastline. Once tucked in out of… Continue reading Shooting the Breeze at St Andrews

East Coast Round-up

A ridiculously mis-matched fish and lure

I’ve been very remiss in reporting this year’s events on the Scottish east coast boat fishing scene. Maybe there’s not been much to write about, but I have fallen way behind. A mid-November trip out of St Andrews may be my last trip afloat on the east coast this year (hopefully not!) so kind of… Continue reading East Coast Round-up

Codling Galore at St. Andrews

Ian with a ballan wrasse

After an hour trundling along at 40mph in a pensioner rally I arrived at St. Andrews to find plenty of water in the harbour. Far too much water in fact, as the harbour gates were closed with Ian’s boat on the wrong side 🙁 Getting them opened again involved a tense race against time to allow the water… Continue reading Codling Galore at St. Andrews

Ice and Fog (and a few cod) at St Andrews

Ian plays a small codling

Ice and fog pretty much sums up this morning, from scraping ice off the Raider’s windows (inside and out) to setting out into uncomfortably thick fog and a light but freezing NW wind. We were both chilling down rapidly by the end of our first drift, as the conditions cut to the bone despite our layers of… Continue reading Ice and Fog (and a few cod) at St Andrews

Redeeming Myself at St Andrews with some Autumn Codling

Decent pan sized codling

After my dismal showing at Aberdeen a fortnight ago, I was keen to catch a few fish for the table and I happily took up Ian’s offer of a hunt for a some autumn codling from St Andrews. An easy run up from Edinburgh saw me at the harbour a few minutes early on a fine,… Continue reading Redeeming Myself at St Andrews with some Autumn Codling

Summer fishing mini-reports

A brace of spurdog

I find I tend not to do too much fishing in the height of summer, if there is such a thing in Scotland, but I do try and wet a line from time to time and here are a few mini-reports that didn’t get the full treatment. An Afternoon on Loch Leven Bonnie and I headed… Continue reading Summer fishing mini-reports

Definition of Insanity…

An early season Pollack from St Andrews pulls alongside the Raider

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (Albert Einstein) Three trips afloat “out east”. Poor fishing again, and again, and again. Draw your own conclusions. At the very least it’s frustrating as things are usually starting to pick up by now. Yesterday was probably my worst ever trip ever from St… Continue reading Definition of Insanity…