The Sea of the Hebrides

17.5lb Spurdog

I’m not long back from a very memorable long weekend on Skye, exploring a small corner of MacLeod country amongst sunshine, calm seas and giant volcanic cliffs. We camped above the beach on a deserted little island and spent 3 days fishing on the Sea of the Hebrides. Some very nice fish. No midges. Perfect…… Continue reading The Sea of the Hebrides

A Little Round-Up

Morning coffee sits on the fire

Ah well, I’ve not been completely inert over the past few weeks, although there has been little real drama to report. A few upgrades to the boat, adding a bait board and a cabin top rack mount for spare rods and cameras, etc. Railblaza is nice kit, but eye-wateringly pricey! I’d an overnight trip to… Continue reading A Little Round-Up

Kicking off 2018 in Style – Targeting Skate and Conger off Oban

Ian bends into the first skate of the day

Lochearnhead was a freezing -5 degrees when Ian and I met up on Sunday in the pre-dawn darkness. We didn’t hang about, quickly shovelling the rods and gear into my car before heading across to Oban with the boat in tow. Gallanach managed a balmy -2C as we launched and headed out to Kerrera, very grateful for the shelter… Continue reading Kicking off 2018 in Style – Targeting Skate and Conger off Oban

Squelching Across Skye – and a Stray Bass

A shore caught bass from Skye

Just back from a few days wandering around Skye with a fishing rod. More wandering than fishing it has to be said, but a few items of interest from the angling point of view. Video here, and the full report below… The highlight of the trip was actually before I even got there, as I… Continue reading Squelching Across Skye – and a Stray Bass

A Couple of Days Fishing for Skate at Oban

A small male common skate of about 60lbs

To be quite honest, being an ageing office worker with the upper body strength of a 10 year old means I don’t always relish the chance to play tug of war with a skate almost as big as myself. I’m neither particularly keen or successful as a skate fisherman, but a great forecast, small tide and late… Continue reading A Couple of Days Fishing for Skate at Oban

Back to Oban for more Skate Fishing

Playing a skate as the sun fades

It was a bit of a toss up whether to head to Etive or carry on a bit and try fishing for skate off Oban, but a combination of small tides and calm weather tempted Ian and I into a spot of skate fishing from Gallanach. My reservations about skate hunting were further overcome when the sun… Continue reading Back to Oban for more Skate Fishing

Etive shines

Alcatraz lies to anchor

Etive is an wildly beautiful place (at times!), and it’s surprisingly unspoilt the upper loch is given how accessible it is from the central belt. Even if it was a fishless desert its upper reaches would attract anyone wanting to experience the beauty of raw nature and the almost complete silence that goes with no roads… Continue reading Etive shines