SIBing the Avalanche Shelter at Loch Carron

Fish on

It’s been four years since my last visit to Loch Carron, mainly because it’s over 200 miles and 4+ hours away, and because the fishing is OK rather than good. However it’s a fine place to visit and I could do with a change from the standard winter choices of Etive or Leven, so the… Continue reading SIBing the Avalanche Shelter at Loch Carron

More Leven Thornbacks

A nicely marked ray rests on the tubes of my inflatable

My last visit to Loch Leven was back in early March and the only thing I caught was an ambulance ride to hospital with a broken leg, so I was rather hoping to avoid a repeat performance when dropped the inflatable into the water at Ballachulish. The intended target was thornbacks, but I was conscious… Continue reading More Leven Thornbacks

Inshore codding off Skateraw

Even a small surf can make for a wet landing in a small boat

Given the weekend is probably going to be a washout for boat fishing, I nipped out of Skateraw for a short session on Friday afternoon.  The weather was calm, but with a small swell running from the NE. First up were a few mackerel for bait, and I took a few shots with the GoPro… Continue reading Inshore codding off Skateraw

SIB-ing in Winter

Preparing to head home after a winter day's inflatable fishing on Loch Leven

It’s been ages since I had the little inflatable out for a run, but Friday was looking good weatherwise, so it was shoved in the back of the car and we headed over towards Ballachulish and Loch Leven for the day. Arriving at the slate slip I found it completely blocked by a large pontoon… Continue reading SIB-ing in Winter

A Night Under the Stars

Moonrise over Ben Starav

The end of September probably marks the end of easy camping in Scotland, not so much because of the cold (and it does get cold!), but the nights start to get too long for comfort. In any case I was happy to take the opportunity of a quiet overnight away under canvas, as it’s one… Continue reading A Night Under the Stars