A Perfect Kayak on Etive

Kayak Camping

The Scottish sea lochs are beautiful but I haven’t actually paddled my kayak on Etive for over a year now. Fine autumn weather coupled with the gloomy prospect of impending lockdowns made it an easy choice, however. I dusted down the plastic log, dug out my buoyancy aid and generally made ready! Even so, despite… Continue reading A Perfect Kayak on Etive

Spring 2019

Loch Leven

I’ve been in virtual hibernation since those early January trips, so there’s not much to report for Spring 2019! I guess it’s partly time off coinciding with cold, windy conditions, but I’ve struggled a bit with motivation too. Back in March, I’d an overnight session on a pretty wet Loch Etive, which was supposed to… Continue reading Spring 2019

Kayaking Desolation Sound, British Columbia

Home for 3 nights, South Curme Island

OK, this post has nothing to do with angling, and I didn’t even take a rod with me to Canada, but we were out kayaking and backpacking in a landscape every bit as grand and far larger than our sea lochs. I’d spent time in Ontario a decade before, including several days canoeing, but BC… Continue reading Kayaking Desolation Sound, British Columbia