Dog Owner?

My cocker spaniel, Bonnie, used to come along on many of my trips, especially where a decent walk was involved. More into running around chasing sticks than wasting time waiting for a fish, she was always great company. She’s a little long in the tooth these days but still enjoys the odd overnight in the… Continue reading Dog Owner?

Final Fling for 2017 – a Hike in the Sunshine

Another small spurdog about to be landed

Days of Christmas force feeding meant I really needed to get some fresh air,  so I reckoned a hike in the sunshine along the banks of Loch Etive would fit the bill nicely. Fishing wasn’t the main aim but it looked possible to get 3 or 4 hours to wet a line before darkness fell.… Continue reading Final Fling for 2017 – a Hike in the Sunshine

Pollacked on Loch Etive

A small spur, typical of the day

Fish in the east, fish in the west, but not really the weather to exploit either coast! Faced with the need to check out Alcatraz before an upcoming trip to Galloway I chickened out and made my way over to Etive again, with the furball for company. Having had fairly poor results from down the… Continue reading Pollacked on Loch Etive

Spring Spurdog fishing on Loch Etive

Ready and waiting - a pair of rods propped up and waiting for a bite

Yesterday it was back again to Etive for another shore fish in search of some spring spurdog, although I reckon this will probably be my last for a while. The midges will soon wake up as will the fishing everywhere else, so I think the Lochaber sea lochs will go on the back burner for… Continue reading Spring Spurdog fishing on Loch Etive

Multi-tasking on Loch Etive

Ben Cruachan overlooks Loch Etive

The car park was deserted and the air cold as I opened the door to let Bonnie out to stretch her legs after the drive across from Edinburgh. Gulping down some hot coffee I watched clear signs of doggie approval as she nosed her way around the lochside, tail wagging eagerly. A few minutes later we started down the… Continue reading Multi-tasking on Loch Etive

Spurdogs play in the sun on Loch Etive

A spurdog drawn to the boat

I had a better day than expected yesterday, as most recent reports from Loch Etive have been poor, and I thought I’d be struggling. As it turned out however, a decent break with the spurdogs saved the day, whilst unbroken sunshine was the icing on the cake. Alcatraz has been out of water for almost… Continue reading Spurdogs play in the sun on Loch Etive

Shorefishing on Loch Leven

Tail-less thornback from Loch Leven

Well, the original plan had been a session from Ian’s boat, chasing St. Andrews cod and Pollack, but the virtual closure of the Forth Bridge put the brakes on that. It’s been a good while since I was last shorefishing on Loch Leven so a hasty rethink saw the rods packed in the car and… Continue reading Shorefishing on Loch Leven

Afloat on Etive – January 2014

A fine day to be boating on Etive

Alcatraz has been sitting on her trailer since early November and we both badly needed a day out, so the little weather window on Monday was seized with both hands and the boat gear dusted down. Crew on this trip was just my spaniel, who’s not much of a sea dog but really enjoys any… Continue reading Afloat on Etive – January 2014

Dour day on Etive

Shore fishing from the south shore of Etive

Three days of leave, and three days of wet and windy weather – what else could you expect from December in Scotland? However it pretty much killed any interest in taking the boat out, and I found myself heading westwards with the shore rods more out of desperation than any hope of a good days… Continue reading Dour day on Etive