Braving the Swell at Aberdeen

Long exposure of a big swell

Headed up Aberdeen way yesterday in search of a codling or two in what was forecast to be a large SE swell. Supposedly around 12 feet although I’d say it was a fair bit more than that, but with some real monsters thrown up by the back eddy.

Fishing off the cliffs in rough seas
Fishing off the cliffs in rough seas

Maybe it was the angle of the swell, but effect was to make most of the marks dangerously unfishable and I had to beat a retreat to high mark at Red Rock, which is 60-70 feet above sea level.

Two other refugees eventually joined me on my platform above the waves, but we probably spent as much time photographing the sea as we did fishing.

Wave breaks over the Furnished Rooms mark, Aberdeen
Wave breaks over the Furnished Rooms mark, Aberdeen

Oddly enough it wasn’t too difficult to fish as it was mild and only a light wind blowing until late morning, and I could generally hold bottom with a 6oz grip lead.

Red Rock Gulley
Red Rock Gulley

All of which makes it strange why all the baits came back untouched. I blanked 🙁 So did the other two anglers, so at least it wasn’t just me. I’ve had fish from the same spot in very bad conditions before so I’m a little stumped why there was nothing around, so all I can do is hang my head in shame.

However the seas were impressive enough to persuade me to add a short video.

Fishing off the Aberdeen cliffs in heavy seas December 2015

– although it’s difficult to convey their full impact without a life-size figure acting as a suitable target on one of the ledges getting blasted by the waves.

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