Scottish Sea Angling – My Video Highlights

Sea angling in Scotland is a strange sort of business really. You spend much of your life trying to find a day or three when the weather isn’t going to be too unkind – and then head off to try and catch a few small to middling sized fish, most of which you then return alive. Of course it’s not all like that, as this video tries to get across…

It’s a very personal compilation of video highlights of my sea angling in Scotland, from both small boats and the shore. A little biased towards feistier and photogenic species such as tope and hounds, but also the fun of fishing a full-on east coast storm for cod and some skate fishing too. I love the chance to camp out under the stars on remote shorelines so there’s some footage of Etive, Sandwood, etc.

Showcasing Sea Angling in Scotland

More than one of the trips included here resulted in no fish at all, but often-times I find that really doesn’t matter much.

I’ve tried to cover a range of venues on both east and west coasts, including Wigtown and Luce Bay, Etive, Sunart, Oban, Sandwoood Bay, Aberdeen, Dunbar and others.

I also have to admit that part of the motivation behind this video was to see whether it’s possible to capture some of the excitement of fishing for the more chunky predators that are out there. That’s the reason why I chose the soundtrack from one of GoPro’s own fast-paced adverts…

And I should also point out that a GoPro died making this video 🙁

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