11th May 2009 – Port Logan

Weather: Sunny, but moderate E wind force 4-5 gusting 6
Sea Conditions: Wind chop, but otherwise sheltered
Time Spent: 0830-1600 – 7.5 hours
Tides: HW 1400 – moderate spring

Day 2 of our Galloway weekend saw Ian and I wake up just after 5 at Brighouse, mainly because it was very cold, and were on our way to Port Logan by 6.30 after a quick coffee and bacon roll.

Launched OK and proceeded to have three longish drifts southwards in the bay, catching a few small haddock, codling, pollock and a ballan. Then headed down to Clanyard, where Ian got a single string of mackerel and we picked up a few small pollack over a couple of hours fishing.

Finally headed up to Drumbreddan and anchored up a couple of hours to try for a plaice. Fishing was slow, but OK species wise, with gurnard, plaice, LSD and a skate bait sized coalfish appearing. Despite the strong wind it was quite pleasant in the sunshine and we struggled to stay awake in the early afternoon, until thoughts turned to the long journey home.

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