I’ve got a bit more into videos the last two or three years, and getting a GoPro in early 2014 really encouraged me to get a little more serious about recording at least some of my trips.

The videos are split roughly into 3 groups – trips and reviews of the year type stuff; a couple focussed on favourite venues (e.g. Loch Etive) and then some looking at trips abroad (hiking rather than fishing, though).

All these videos and more are available on my YouTube channel, and just hit the subscribe button to see any new ones as they come along.

Fishing Trips

Even for an angler based in Scotland, the wilds of Sutherland are quite a journey to get to. Rugged and beautiful, I’m not yet sure they are home to masses of fish, but I’m having fun exploring to find out. This is my most recent trip.

Skye is a fantastic island, but was showing her grey and dreich side when I spent a long weekend exploring the shore fishing in a couple of areas.

Squelching Across Skye with a Fishing Rod

A couple of stunning day trips hiking and fishing along the shores of Loch Etive with only my spaniel for company.

Loch Etive - Spurdogs from the shore

Spurdogs from the shore on Loch Etive

A beaut of a day at the end of January 2017. Mainly small spurs, but who cares when you’re fishing somewhere as pretty as this. First shot with the Yi 4K camera as well.

Winter Spurdogs on Loch Etive

And an overnight trip in mid-November – a great blend of hiking, fishing and sitting around a campfire whilst you fish.

Solo wild camp and fishing on Loch Etive

The best bits, set to the soundtrack from a GoPro advert to see if it gives a bit more “oomph” to the fishing.

Showcasing Sea Angling in Scotland

A week spent chasing tope and hounds in Galloway. A couple of fish in the mid-thirties, but the surprise was the sheer quantity of hounds – I had 57 to my rods alone in one day.

Tope and Smoothhounds - Galloway 2016

A short round up of my 2015. A bit biased towards a week in Galloway, but plenty of other stuff in there from around Scotland.


I find it takes quite a few trips to get enough images and video to do even a half-decent job of showing a general area, so these are pulled together from several years worth. They’re not supposed to give exact marks to fish or anything, but hopefully an overview of what they’re like to fish.

Fishing, boating and camping in the Loch Etive wilderness

Loch Etive is one of my favourite fishing grounds as it offers shelter over the winter and magnificent scenery to explore. It throws up the odd big fish, but it’s more usually about small spurs, thornies and dogfish.

Fishing Loch Leven

Loch Leven is smaller, shallower and less wild than Etive, but still a great place to spend a few hours. Main target (for me, anyway) is thornback rays, but there are a scattering of other species.

Further Afield

These aren’t fishing videos, but cover a couple of holiday expeditions to California and British Columbia. If you like long distance backpacking in very wild but completely stunning country then you might like to take a look. The BC video also includes a 5 day sea kayaking trip to Desolation Sound, which is an amazing place to visit.

Hiking the High Sierra Trail and Death Valley

My Video Equipment

I’m completely unsophisticated in my choice of kit, and I kicked off with a GoPro Hero3. Most of the actual video here is shot on that, and mainly on standard 1080 HD settings. The Hero3 met it’s maker videoing us fishing in an Aberdeenshire storm, so was replaced by a Yi 4k GoPro clone, which does a very good job.

Having shot quite a bit of this sort of video now, I find that the single best mount has been GoPro’s own flexible Gooseneck mount which can be clipped pretty much anywhere, attached to a tripod or used as a selfie stick if you need to. Space and weight are important to me so a single versatile mount is very useful to have.

Over the past year or so I have actually shot most of my video and still images just using my Galaxy S7 Edge phone. It is quite capable of producing excellent quality with little work and is obviously highly portable (and waterproof – quite handy for me!). It won’t handle zoom shots well, and isn’t as good as a DSLR for low light, but the convenience and light weight are a huge plus for it.

I do take a little video and a lot of images on my fairly basic Pentax K-r DSLR, but it’s not really a good camera for video. I’ll probably swap it out for a compact camera with good image quality and a modest zoom which has decent audio and 4k capability – there are one or two examples out there that almost fit the bill, so I guess I’ll acquire one in the not too distant future.

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