May 4 – Dunbar

Weather: Sunny and warm, easterly F2 or 3
Sea: Quite choppy, with wind against tide later
Time: 1030-1230 – 2 hours
Tides: LW 09:51  3.9m tide

A quickie first trip of the year from Dunbar, just to see if the coddies were in yet. Rather than get stiffed for a £15 launch fee at the harbour I decided to use the inflatable and launch from Skateraw with the aim of drifting the Torness area. Launching at low tide is a bit of a killer since the Council blocked off vehicle access to the beach, with multiple trips hauling the boat, engine and assorted kit down the beach but before long I was heading out the inlet towards the open sea.

The wind was a bit stronger than forecast and blowing against the tide so it was a rather wet ride out to the marks and I was glad of the full set of waterproofs I donned before leaving shore. Even with a drogue out the drift was averaging 1.5 mph or more so it wasn’t quite as leisurely as I’d like, but there were a few fish showing and some rather scrawny codling were surfaced and returned. My time was limited and the sea continued to rise as the tide picked up, so I called it a day after a couple of hours – nothing fantastic, but I was happy enough to get a few early season fish under my belt.

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