A Couple of Late St. Andrews Reports

I’m way behind in writing up my fishing reports, so the next couple are a pair of late summer/early autumn sessions out of St. Andrews. I’ve still got another three or four to catch up on!


“Mackerel – no problem, there’s tons around!” I exaggerate Ian’s words slightly but you have no doubt already guessed what happened next…

Truth be told, we did extract enough to settle down to have a crack at the pollack and cod, but our bait proved much harder to catch than planned.

No doubt this passing pod of dolphins laughed at our incompetence as they headed out to Fife Ness.

We’re not completely hopeless though as we knocked out a series of small to middling pollack and a few codling. We mainly fished at anchor as it was a blustery day to be drifting, and hooked up on a mix of thin mackerel belly strip and lures.

There were a few respectable fish, a little over the 6lb mark and our totals slowly added up.

Ian’s dedication was eventually rewarded with the largest fish of the day, at a little over 8lbs. They certainly fight hard in shallow inshore water and we both also lost fish to the kelp under our keel.

We also redeemed ourselves on the mackerel by thinning out some passing shoals. Just as well, as the winter bait freezer is in serious need of a restock!

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