30th August 2009 – Aberdeen

Weather: S-SW wind 2-4, mainly overcast, a little drizzle. Mild
Sea Conditions: Clear, with a 1-2 foot wave
Time Spent: 1600-2030 – 4.5 hours

First time up in Aberdeen for a few months, and marks like the Red Rock were crowded with mackerel bashers. Altens was empty as usual so I set up a couple of bottom rods with frozen crab and also tried a float fished mackerel strip for a little while. Fishing was fairly slow, but I contrived to miss a couple of bites as well as land 3 codling and a seagull (!). A lot of lobster pot buoys about which restricted options a little.

Highlight of the evening was a very nice fish that took crab about 60 yards out – as soon as it felt the hook it just powered away smoothly against a heavy set drag and managed to pull off a good wadge of line. This happened repeatedly for 2-3 minutes – each time I made progress it turned and ran back. I could feel the line rubbing against kelp and rock all the while, and it was pretty obvious it wasn’t going to come in so it was no great surprise when the line finally abraded through. As to what it was – most probably a good cod, possibly a large pollack. I’ve had several fish in the 8-9lb range from this mark and it was substantially better than any of them. Ah well!

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