29 June 2011 – Aberdeen

Weather: Light, variable wind, dry and sunny
Sea Conditions: Small (2 foot) swell, but pretty clear water
Time: 0830-1600 – 7.5 hours
Tides: LW approx 0700, mid-range tide

Close inshore, off Findon
Close inshore, off Findon
Caves north of Cove Bay
Caves north of Cove Bay

Been a couple of years since I’d taken the inflatable up to Aberdeen but it’s one of my favourite east coast venues, mainly because you end up with a different perspective on the shore marks you tend to fish at other times – an awful lot of the fishing is done within a few yards of the rock edges.

I launched at Cove with the aim of heading up to Greg Ness and then working my way down to Findon over the day, spending a wee while on each of a series of marks close inshore. It ended up being a day with a good start and a happy ending, but a rather slow middle part. The slow part was due to a slight wind against tide problem for several hours – nothing dangerous but it destroyed the drift quite effectively, and hence the fishing. I still ended up with around 22-23 codling and a wrasse for my trouble – nothing above 5lbs but a nice day out for all that.

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