27th November 2009 – Aberdeen

Weather: Very light wind, mainly sunny. Cold once sun set
Sea Conditions: Fairly calm, with little colour
Time Spent: 1200-1800 – 6 hours
Tides: Approx 0930

I’d a day of annual leave to use up, so I decided to give Aberdeen a bash from the shore. Forecasts were for decent weather but only a light swell, and so it proved. Findon was the most obvious mark to fish in calmish conditions and a falling tide, so that’s where I headed first to drown a few frozen peelers (if that’s possible!).

Action was reasonably fast, with several wrasse taking the bait and a good number lost in the kelp. 4 ballans is easily my best tally at this time of year, and they were all a respectable size. I did hope for a few cod, but only one small codling appeared which was a little disappointing. By half three I’d had enough of the wrasse and decided to move to Altens in the hope of more cod.

Unfortunately things were dead quiet here, with only a solitary coalfish turning up, despite pretty good conditions. Overall a relaxing enough day, with a decent amount of sunshine as a bonus.

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