13th January 2010 – Aberdeen

Weather: Strong ESE wind, force 6-7. Odd shower. Cold and overcast
Sea Conditions: Rough, with 13-15 foot swell and much larger breaking waves
Time Spent: 1600-2030 – 4.5 hours
Tides: Approx 1200

Heavy sea at night
Heavy sea at night

My first stab at 2010 after several weeks of staring at snow. Took the afternoon off work and headed north to Aberdeen,

Rough weather at Aberdeen
Nighttime fishing

where it was obvious a large easterly swell was running, and a little larger than I’d anticipated. I spent a few minutes surveying the Furnished Rooms before deciding that sooner or later a wave was going to sweep straight over them (which it did several times later in the evening), and then headed over to the high mark at Red Rock. At something like 5 storeys above sea level it’s pretty safe from the sea, but rather exposed to any wind and very difficult to land a decent fish from.

Aberdeen codling
Catch for the evening

Fishing wise it was OK, just rather difficult to track any bites in the rather wild wind and water combination. I only had three codling to show for my efforts, plus another one lost, but it was good to get out and the night was pretty impressive in respect of the conditions.

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