A little bit of everything on the sea lochs

A nice spurdog from Loch Sunart, November 2013

…and that’s just the weather. Flat calm and warm sunshine one minute, followed by vicious squalls with heavy rain and sleet the next. Not quite what was forecast but certainly what we got when Trevor and I headed west for a couple of days on Etive and Sunart. Sort of summarises the fishing too! An… Continue reading A little bit of everything on the sea lochs

A Night Under the Stars

Moonrise over Ben Starav

The end of September probably marks the end of easy camping in Scotland, not so much because of the cold (and it does get cold!), but the nights start to get too long for comfort. In any case I was happy to take the opportunity of a quiet overnight away under canvas, as it’s one… Continue reading A Night Under the Stars

26-27 July 2011 – Loch Etive

Weather: Hot and sunny, with an afternoon sea breeze Sea Conditions: Flat (and 19.5 degrees water temp in the shallows!) Times: Roughly 1400-1900 on Tuesday and 0800-1600 on Wednesday – about 13 hours altogether Tides: LW approx 1120 at Bonawe on Tuesday, small tides Took my son, Mike, and Bonnie the manic spaniel across to Loch Etive… Continue reading 26-27 July 2011 – Loch Etive

April 17-18 – Loch Sunart

Weather: Calm or lightish winds. Overcast on the Sunday and sunny on Monday. Sea: Calm Time: Roughly 1130-1630 on Sunday, and 0730-1530 on Monday – say 13 hours altogether Tides: HW 1822 on Sunday and 0637 Monday (large tide – 4.5m range) March and April are always fairly slow months for salt water anglers, but… Continue reading April 17-18 – Loch Sunart