Dog Owner?

My cocker spaniel, Bonnie, used to come along on many of my trips, especially where a decent walk was involved. More into running around chasing sticks than wasting time waiting for a fish, she was always great company. She’s a little long in the tooth these days but still enjoys the odd overnight in the… Continue reading Dog Owner?

Summer fishing mini-reports

A brace of spurdog

I find I tend not to do too much fishing in the height of summer, if there is such a thing in Scotland, but I do try and wet a line from time to time and here are a few mini-reports that didn’t get the full treatment. An Afternoon on Loch Leven Bonnie and I headed… Continue reading Summer fishing mini-reports

Fishing 2016 – Onwards and upwards?

Ian looking happier than the tope

Traditionally this is about time for a whisky fuelled look into what fishing 2016 might offer together with a review of how 2015 went. Given the past year was fairly quiet in fishing terms I’ve combined the two into one post. I’ve added a short video below of the 2015 fishing highlights – mainly toping in the SW for a week with… Continue reading Fishing 2016 – Onwards and upwards?

A New Theme for Corkwing

The weather was a little too crap to bother with the fishing rods at this time of year, so I spent a little while playing with a new look for the site. It’s not fully finished yet, but virtually everything should be visible. Hopefully it’s a fairly clean and uncluttered look… Share this:


I can’t claim 2014 was a great year for fishing, as a broken leg put me out of action for several months and I barely fished the early part of the autumn for various reasons. So it’s a case of onwards and upwards for the new year, I guess 🙂 Looking back, I’d say my… Continue reading 2015?

Holiday season is upon us, so when I can’t get out fishing and get bored with Xmas tedium (both happen too often!) I tend to make larger updates to this site to keep it up and running properly. So this time…

Quite a chunky change is the move to a new look and feel for Corkwing, that makes better use of images and allows me to highlight particular content or trip reports. This means quite a few tweaks still need to be made to take advantage of the new capabilities, mainly through adding or changing images, which I’ll sort out over Christmas.

Also some updates to pages, including a new one covering Loch Leven, which I’m fishing more often these days. Some have expanded content and others some additional images added.

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Added a photo gallery

Reckon this site is overdue a few more photographs, so I’ve added a photo gallery for a little more colour. More to come when I sort out the files! Share this: