Galloway Fishing Week!

7lb 10oz and a PB bass for me (Trev's pic)

Galloway Fishing Week has become a bit of an institution in the last few years, largely because I’ve more time to play as the kids have grown up. Early June offers a crack at a wide variety of species in Galloway, with a decent chance of some larger specimens if the weather holds up. Tope,… Continue reading Galloway Fishing Week!

Wild Camp in Galloway

Sunset over Merrick

Galloway is one of my favourite parts of Scotland, but I’ve never ventured much into the hills, at least on foot. My forecast said windy, but dry and sunny, so I decided to try an overnight wild camp in the mountains, followed by a few hours shore fishing on my way home… Glen Trool looked… Continue reading Wild Camp in Galloway

Gubbed by the Weather in Galloway

And a small smoothie for me

It’s taken almost a month to getting around to post this little report, which probably says it all! Who’d be an angler in Scotland. Four days of wind and a fair bit of rain ūüôĀ Still, we caught a few fish, had a few beers, and even the tent survived unscathed. The forecast was pretty… Continue reading Gubbed by the Weather in Galloway

Galloway Smoothhounds

Another Wigtown tope, this time for Ian

Ian, Trevor and I spent all last week hunting for tope and smoothhounds down in Galloway. Loads of fish, although decent tope¬†proved a bit more elusive than last year. Bar a single session from Isle of Whithorn, our time was spent fishing out of Port William and Garlieston into Luce Bay and Wigtown Bay. Tope… Continue reading Galloway Smoothhounds

A week in Galloway – instalment 2!

Tope Closeup

Trevor arrived early on Wednesday morning after a long drive from Aberdeen and we launched from Port William again, with high hopes of bettering yesterdays total of 28 tope. Luce Bay was flat calm as we headed out the short distance to our chosen mark and dropped the anchor in around 45 feet of water.… Continue reading A week in Galloway – instalment 2!

At Last! – Back in Action

Not large, but still beautiful - a Galloway bass

After being out of action with a damaged leg for almost three months, the last day of May saw a good forecast and I decided to try my luck down at Isle of Whithorn and Wigtown Bay. Alcatraz has managed the grand total of 1 day out in 6 months so it took a while to check everything over… Continue reading At Last! – Back in Action

Angling Heaven – Galloway in June

Trevor with a nice Luce Bay Tope

I love Galloway on many levels – it’s wild but not as bleak as the NW Highlands; has a particularly appealing mix of hills, lochs and sea; plenty of interest for a younger family; and easily the most varied and exciting fishing in mainland Scotland. In recent years I’ve only managed to snatch the odd… Continue reading Angling Heaven – Galloway in June