A Few Hours Chasing Thornbacks from my SIB

Keeping a beady eye on me

Just catching up a bit with some rather late reports… A couple of weeks ago I nipped across to Loch Leven to spend the morning chasing thornbacks. I actually drove across the night before to test out some adjustments to my sleeping arrangements in the Yeti, proving you can sleep me, an inflatable and an outboard and… Continue reading A Few Hours Chasing Thornbacks from my SIB

A bit of Surf and Turf in Lochaber

A thornback ray moulds itself to the SIB tube

Yesterday saw me launching the SIB at Ballachulish before six in the morning, after a few hours kip in the car the night before. I made haste, to try and avoid the midges which are well and truly out of hibernation now! I don’t normally bother with Leven at this time of year as the fishing… Continue reading A bit of Surf and Turf in Lochaber

Two men in a SIB

A baby thornback ray from Loch Leven

It must be a decade since I last fished two men in a SIB, as it’s usually cramped enough for one disorganised angler, let alone two. However Loch Leven ain’t the open Atlantic, and a few hours fishing in calm conditions made it an decent proposition. Apart from the outboard taking a bit of flogging… Continue reading Two men in a SIB

Assault on Glen Etive

Nice little campsite on Loch Etive

The plan was to use the narrow, winding and un-gritted road into Glen Etive to access the headwaters of Loch Etive and drop the inflatable in where the river reaches the sea – then head off for an overnight camp, fish and stargaze. Things went just fine to start with, until I stepped ashore and… Continue reading Assault on Glen Etive

Low key at Dunbar

Just a quick update on a short 3 hour outing about 10 days ago on the inflatable, out of Skateraw beach. Mackerel, Pollack and ling were all in evidence, but no trace of their tasty coddie siblings. The most exciting hookup gave a really solid fight all the way until just under the surface, when up popped… Continue reading Low key at Dunbar