2 October 2011 – Dunbar

Weather: Peeing rain for most of the time, but light winds and mild
Sea: Slight chop around 1 foot, but pretty calm. Water was clear
Time: 0700-1130 – 4.5 hours
Tides: HW 0625 (5.1m) LW 12:22 (1.1m) BST

This was planned as a shortish trip out using the inflatable in search of mackerel bait for winter fishing, and dawn saw me unloading the car at the old lifeboat slip in Skateraw bay. The tide was well in so it was only a few feet to the waters edge and the Rover was soon put together and loaded up with a couple of rods and all the usual junk I take with me.

Although it was quite mild, it was raining fairly hard and it that was how it stayed for most of the morning as I quietly got damper and damper in the almost waterproof waterproofs. Apart from that the wind was light and the drift was slow but OK as I headed out about a mile from the bay and started feathering for some bait. Mackerel hit within seconds and the coolbox rapidly filled up which let me swap over to the bottom rod and a chunky mackerel fillet fished on a 6/0 to see if anything larger was about.

Results were steady rather than great, but a couple of ling and 9 codling eventually came to the boat – much better than the dire fishing of a month back. I finished off with another quick session for mackerel before heading in.

Some kind soul has added a plywood surface to the older part of the slip that was dodgy beforehand, so I could take the 4WD down onto the beach and collect the dinghy at low water – saves a long haul carrying the wretched thing piece by piece.

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