July 31 – Dunbar

Weather: Force 2-3 S wind, overcast, mild
Sea: 2-3 foot ENE swell, clear water, 14.5 degrees
Time: 0630-1300 – 6.5 hours
Tides: LW 0940, large tide

About time to pick up a few mackerel for bait over the winter, as there’s none at all in the bait freezer at the moment. Normally I try and catch these over a few sessions as it’s too much hassle dealing with a whole load at once and that means not leaving things too late in the summer. The aim this time was to pick up 30-40 mackerel for the freezer and then spend some time targetting other fish.

In the event it only took half an hour to get the mackerel, just outside the harbour, and then it was off for some coddies. First stop was about a mile west of the harbour, but the drift was slow and the fishing was non-existent so I didn’t waste too much time on this mark before reversing course and heading east.

The River Garry wreck produced a few codling, but the drift was far faster here – around 1.7 mph – and I chose to try closer inshore. Fishing was pleasant but fairly slow, with a trickle of codling plus a ling and a lonely coalfish. I dropped the anchor just before midday to give me some peace to get the mackerel and the few cod I’d kept filleted. A couple more codling hit the bait at anchor before it was time to head in.

Not the best of trips, but 13 codling to just under 6lbs, a ling and a coalie, plus over 40 mackerel. I wasn’t too surprised at the lack of cod, as Dunbar often hits the doldrums in mid-summer.

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