8th August – Dunbar

Weather: Light E wind, dry and mainly overcast. Almost calm at times

Sea Conditions: Small 2-3 foot swell from NE. Clear water.

Time: 0530 – 1230 – 7 hours

Tides:  LW 0744 BST (1.2m), HW 13:57BST (4.8m)

An excellent morning’s fishing, with 48 codling, 5 ling and a couple of pollack, 3 pouting plus good numbers of mackerel and some small coalies. Things were a little slow to start with, but I eventually picked up a decent shoal of mackerel off the W edge of the Siccar rock, as well as a couple of codling and a load of tiddly coalies.

A move over to the River Garry wreck produced very little – a couple of small ling and pouting but only one modest codling. The drift seemed good so I moved closer inshore, near Torness power station and almost immediately hit a succession of smallish codling. The drift was around 1.1-1.3 mph WNW in direction and I stayed with it for quite a while picking up fish every few minutes. There were a couple of blank spots, but most of the drift held fish. Over the next couple of hours I made a few more lengthy drifts and the fishing remained pretty constant. Only in the last 30 minutes or so did the tide change to a wind against tide situation, and the catch rate collapsed.

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