6th December 2009 – Loch Sunart

Weather: S force 4 rising to a 6-7. Dry becoming heavy rain. Pretty horrible overall
Sea Conditions: Calm, becoming choppy later
Time Spent: 10:30-14:30 – 4 hours
Tides: HW approx 09:00

The weather looked OK to start with so we headed over to the marks opposite Salen and stuck the hook down. An hour here produced a single doggie, so we moved down to the fish farm half way down the loch towards Laga and tried again. Another hour produced a couple of doggies and small conger before the rising wind persuaded us to try and get shelter near the salmon farm opposite Laga.

Anchoring up in the same spot we’d picked up fish on Friday we initially held bottom and fished OK, but with little result apart from a couple more dogs. Dale had been across the other side of Laga but wasn’t able to hold anchor, so came back near us and tied up to a buoy on the farm. The wind continued to rise and our anchor finally dragged slowly through the soft mud on the bottom. The rain came on with a vengeance and spirits sank as nothing fishy like appeared, so we called it a day around half two, and headed back through a pretty strong wind.

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