28th June 2009 – Port Logan

Weather: Light SW wind, dry. Cloudy and cool at first, later sunny
Sea Conditions: Calm and clear
Time Spent: 0430-0930 – 5 hours
Tides: HW 0400 – Medium tide

Back onshore after my session at Wigtown I was feeling pretty knackered but decided to push across to Port Logan for a few hours fishing on Sunday morning rather than go home immediately. Saturday night proved it is possible to sleep in a 165 cuddy (just) and I got a few hours kip before launching at Logan about half four in the morning.

Plenty of fish but all on the small side with a load of mackerel, whiting, grey gurnard, pollack, haddock and some codling and LSD. I tried the banks offshore for a little while, but there was a plague of small whiting and masses of mackerel so it was a very half-hearted attempt really. Also I did get some more data for my DrDepth software which might prove useful someday.

Moving back down in Logan Bay there were decent numbers of grey gurnard (3 at a time), but none of the reds that I’d really wanted. I was quite tired after a long day on Saturday and this was really starting to affect my motivation so I packed in shortly after 9.30 and was hauling the boat out as everyone else was launching.

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