27 May 2012 – Dunbar

Weather: Scattered sun and cloud but becoming pretty misty later on, down to 150 yards or so.
Sea: Light NE swell, and fairly clear water.
Time:Fished approx 0600-1130

This was rather a late kick off for the east coast fishing, as I’m usually out sometime in April. However I’d spent more time over on the west coast this year and, judging by other reports, hadn’t missed anything by doing so.

An early start saw me drifting for a little while outside the harbour whilst I got everything sorted out for the day, however nothing chose to hit the mackerel feathers bouncing a little way off the bottom. No great surprise as it’s still on the early side for consistent mackerel fishing on the east coast, so it was up lines and away over to Sicar for a couple of quick drifts. Nothing doing here either, so next stop was down to the River Garry wreck which can usually be relied on for a few fish early in the season.

First drift produced a small codling to mackerel bait so I went back for more and began to add a few more steadily on a mix of mackerel baits and redgills. The fish were a good size with several above 5lbs and not many of the small 1lb fish we often see at this time of year. A few modest ling appeared plus the odd coalie, but it was mainly a steady accumulation of codling.

Final tally 20 codling to 6.5lbs, 4 ling, and a few coalies. No pollock though!

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