25th July 2009 – Dunbar

Weather: Initially cool, with a F2-3 NW breeze (F2-3) until early pm, but warmed up a lot in the sunshine.
Sea Conditions: Wind against tide, but clear. Underlying 3-4 foot swell from N
Time Spent: 0700-1530 – 8.5 hours
Tides: LW 1144 – Large tide

I took Bonnie with me today, as she’d be home alone for rather a long time otherwise, and launched around 7. There was a fairly cool breeze from the NW, but the forecast was for things to stay dry and the wind to die away, so I was fairly hopeful of a decent day.

First stop was the River Garry wreck to pick up some mackerel, which duly obliged on the first drop. The tide was running quite strongly over the wreck, showing almost 2 mph drift speed, so I decided not to bother fishing it for cod and headed inshore to Torness. The first couple of drifts produced 7 codling and a ling, but after that it slowed down and I picked away for a while adding a few more cod and a ling, plus several more mackerel. Around 0900-0930 there was a noticeable change in the tide, as it switched from E to NW in direction, about 2.5 hours before LW.

I was up to 20 codling and a pollack by one o’clock, but it was quite slow going, and I decided to move up the coast a little to the lighthouse. Here the tide was almost static and there was even less interest, but I notched up a few more mackerel, couple of pollack, couple more codling and a surprise launce before heading back.

Ashore at Dunbar, the whole of the harbour area was a traffic jam, with several boats queued up to launch and several cars double parked in front of the trailers. All in all it took over 40 minutes to clear the harbour area.

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