20 Nov 2011 – St. Andrews

Weather: Mainly overcast with a little sun, light SSW wind. Chilly
Sea: Fairly clear water, with a small 2 foot E swell.
Time: Roughly 11-4.30 p.m.
Tides: Small tides, LW around 3 p.m.

After a discussion around Etive v St Andrews, we opted for a late season east coast coddie session, despite the awkwardness of the tides and the need to come back in the dark. Ian’s outboard wasn’t cooperating and refused to rev high enough to get us on the plane, so it was a slow chug along the coast, broken by a couple of unproductive inshore drifts, until we got to our preferred marks.

Although we’d only a fairly short session actually fishing here, there were decent numbers of codling about – all in the 2-5lb range and I totalled 14, with Ian about the same. 3 ling also came to the boat, all of a reasonable size compared to St Andrews rather low average for ling. The tide was a very small one but the drift speed was actually faster than normal, and still held at 1-1.2 knots even when the wind stopped altogether, so this was probably a factor.

All to soon the light faded as the sun set and we plodded our way back home in the dark, dodging most (but not all!) the lobster pots that litter the last mile of the approach back to harbour.

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