17th June 2010 – Dunbar

Had a few hours out of Dunbar today, taking advantage of the good spell of weather before things turn northerly again. I almost left things too late as the water had ebbed back to the very end of the slip, which meant dropping the boat straight into 5 feet deep water whilst hoping the trailer didn’t follow it. On the plus side, for the very first time ever, I managed to negotiate ALL the doglegs in that bl**dy slipway at the first attempt. How come there’s never witnesses about when you do something right, as opposed to cock it up.

Time was a bit limited, so it was straight down to the River Garry to see if anything was about. First drift gave me a cod just under 5lb on a spinning rod, and the second drift followed up with a nice 5lb pollack. This fishing stayed good for around 90 minutes, with a mix of codling to 5lb 14oz, a lovely 6lb 12oz pollack and a decent ling of around 7lbs, together with a couple of mackerel and some small coalies. After that the drift speed rapidly increased to 1.75mph and the fishing fell away, so I moved inshore and tried a few marks with only modest success – a few smallish codling and coalfish, but nothing to get excited about.

After a couple of hours of this I headed back out to the wreck to give it a final try before heading home. The drift had eased off somewhat, so another 3 or 4 fish fell to mackerel strip before I called it a day.

Final result – a dozen codling, 5 pollack, 4 ling and a modest bag of coalies and mackerel. And a suntan 🙂

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