11th September 2009 – Dunbar

Weather:Light NW wind, dry and largely sunny – clouding over later
Sea Conditions: Calm
Time Spent: 10:30 – 17:30 – 7 hours
Tides: 11:58 GMT 1.6m

A DrDepth view of the Halland wreck

Another disappointing day, although slightly better than yesterday. Spent a fair while on the River Garry but fish were just trickling aboard, so I headed over to the Redfish reef and had a couple of drifts getting bugger all. Next, a shift over to the Halland, which I spent quite a while mapping with DrDepth, using separate E run and W run recordings, to try and iron out latency and cone angle effects. Fishing it was a waste of time however, and it was back in to the River Garry for a few more drifts before packing in.

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