1st August – St. Andrews

A good species day – 9 in all – from Ian’s Raider, with some respectable sized codling although not in huge numbers.

Weather: A few very heavy showers about, but calm and mild.

Sea Conditions: Almost calm, with very little drift most of the day

Time: 15:00-21:00 – 6 hours

Tides: HW approx 18:00, fairly small tide.

My first angling therapy for some weeks due to the summer holidays taking place a couple of hundred miles from the seaside, so I was glad of the opportunity for an afternoon out with Ian and Tim, aboard Ian’s Raider.

Things started slowly as we struggled initially to get mackerel for bait, with a few fish coming up one at a time rather than the full houses you get to expect at this time of year. However it wasn’t too long before we were drifting one of the inshore reefs and picking up modest numbers of very fit summer codling. No biggies, but none of the tiddlers that can plague you at times, with most of the fish around the 3lb mark.

Our drift gradually fell away and so did the fishing, and we spent the last few hours picking away for small patches of codling, with a mix of ling, and small coalies thrown in. I picked up a pouting, sea scorpian and an LSD (my first ever from the east coast), whilst Tim contributed a ballan wrasse and several pollack so we turned in a good day on the species front – 9 in all, which is good going round here. Only about 40 cod between us though, which is below average.

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13th June 2010 – St Andrews

Away up to St Andrews today, for my first east coast coddie session of the year (late or what!). Fished with Ian and Tim from Ian’s Raider a few miles east of the harbour, trying a number of marks. However we all struggled to make much of an impact with only a handful of small fish appearing in the first 4 hours or so. The last hour sort of made up for things, with a decent sprinkling of codling up to 4lb 12oz, but St Andrews was clearly off its best.

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13th September 2009 – St Andrews

Weather: Overcast, with light-mod NE wind. Cool at times
Sea Conditions: OK, but moderate NE swell building to 4 feet or so over the afternoon
Time Spent: 1230-1930
Tides: Approx 2130

Fished off Ian’s boat, with Tim for company. First off was a lengthy stop to try and bulk up the winter mackerel supplies – slow going but we got around 35 in the end, before heading off to find a few codling. These were around in decent numbers, but mainly tiny with the best not making 4lbs and many well undersized. The last couple of hours saw us fishing a reef at anchor, to try and pick up pollack. Both Tim and Ian did OK, but I was pretty rubbish, and left empty handed.

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12th April 2009 – St Andrews

Weather: Bright and sunny, but a very chilly E wind which gradually
Sea Conditions: Underlying 2-3 foot swell. Clear water
Time Spent: 1400-1900 – 5 hours
Tides: HW Approx 16:30 Large tide

Ian holding a nice spring codling
Nice spring codling

Fished with Ian from his boat. I dug bait beforehand and collected a fair amount of lug and rag, plus a bucket of mussels which I shelled whilst waiting for Ian. We initially tried for flatties on some soft ground and picked up a couple of dabs but no plaice (not a huge surprise to be honest), and then headed out towards Belshie where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

The fish were fairly patchy, but we gradually picked up around 14 codling between us, including a fine 5lb+ fish for Ian. I also made him a present of a SS sea scorpian for the ABR, which is my first for a couple of years.

I later vacuum packed the remaining mussels using my new toy – and it seemed to work quite well.

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