24th May 2009 – Dunbar

Weather: dry, sunny, variable SW to S wind force 2-4
Sea Conditions: Calm and clear
Time Spent: 0615-1115 – 5 hours
Tides: LW 0853. Moderate tide

I started off at the River Garry, but a series of drifts proved very unproductive and only a single small codling appeared. Part of the problem seemed to be wind against tide, but there was very little activity on the sounder either.

I moved inshore to an area I hadn’t really tried before, a little west of Torness, and picked up a ling and a scorpian fish but nothing else in a very slow drift. Moving over to a regular mark off Torness started to produce a handful of codling and a ballan wrasse, but sport was pretty lacklustre. Most of the fish actually came when a dropped a small pirk straight on top of fish showing on the sounder, with only 2 codling coming to bait. A final fish came to the spinning rod with mackerel strip – a nice enough little pollock of 3.5 lbs.

The final total was 6 species – respectable enough for Dunbar – but only 7 codling, which isn’t great for lateish May. No monsters either!

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2nd May 2009 – Dunbar

Weather: F2-3 westerly which backed F2 easterly for a little while. Mainly sunny with some cloud. Fairly cool.
Sea Conditions: Small chop but nothing substantial. Clear
Time Spent: 1800-2130 – 3.5 hours
Tides: HW 2100 – small tides

Started off at the River Garry and tried to tie up to the divers shot line, but this proved to be a little off the mark so I reverted to drifting again. The drift was very slow and quite unproductive and an hour and a half produced only a small codling on a set of flasher lures fished well above the wreck.

I elected to try the reef well offshore where I’ve picked up Norway Haddock in previous years. The drift was an easy pace and I could fish it well enough, but there wasn’t a lot of interest apart from a ling about 2lbs and a largish poor cod. I gave up as it became dark and headed inshore again for an easy retrieval just after HW.

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19th April 2009 – Dunbar

Weather: Cloudy at first, but rapidly becoming sunny and warm. No wind to speak of.
Sea Conditions: Underlying 3 foot NE swell. Clear Water
Time Spent: 0700-1100 – 4 hours
Tides: HW 10:45 V small tide

Launched just before 7 after digging a few lug at Longniddry. Forgot to screw in the bung – Duh! – but got away with it before the boat sank too low in the water. I headed directly for the River Garry wreck as I reckoned any early fish would show up on it first, and so it proved. After a slow start with a couple of fruitless drifts I picked up a little ling, followed by a small codling. The next hour produced a few more codling, to around 3.5 lbs, plus a wrasse. All of these came to lug or fish bait fished fairly hard on the bottom and mainly from the boiler area. The tide had been very slow but virtually stopped, as did the fishing, with only a final codling and a poor code showing up.

I finished up with a 20 minute drift in deeper water, looking for flatties, but with no success. Coming into Dunbar the harbour was absolutely alive with zooplankton, with the surface of the water literally bubbling with millions of little creatures skittering about. Hopefully a good sign…

One of the cod had a mess of crabs and squat lobster in its gut, together with several stones and a couple of shells – goodness knows what it thought it was eating. Final total was 6 codling, plus a single ling, wrasse, pout and poor cod – ok’ish for mid April I guess.

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