4th October 2009

Weather: Generally good, with a fair bit of sunshine. Initially no wind, later a F2-3
Sea Conditions: Calm, lot of fresh water on surface (esp near head of loch)
Time Spent: 0830-1830 – 10 hours
Tides: 0743 GMT – 1.9m

Loch Etive
Loch Etive
calm day on Loch Etive
Mirror calm

Started off at Ardchattan, using a small groundbait block alongside the anchor. This produced immediate results, with 4 thornbacks and several spurs, plus LSD and whiting. When this tailed off I moved down to near the Priory for a while, but this produced only a couple of spurs. A more substantial move all the way p the loch produced some tiny spurs and whiting. Stopped off at an old pier for a wee exploration before having a couple of hours off Kinglass in 270 feet – caught a plague of tiny spurs plus a couple of decent poor cod, a couple of thornbacks and a very manky looking codling that was covered in little red worms.

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18th March 2009 – Loch Sunart

Weather: Calm or light W/NW wind. Dry and mainly sunny. Lovely day
Sea Conditions: Calm
Time Spent: 0750-1830 – 11 hours
Tides: HW 0930 – small tide

Launched at Strontian and set creels before starting to fish.

I tried 5 marks during the day but the results were very poor, with only doggies and a lonely poor cod – no sign of spurs at all. I did hook a small skate on a spur bait, but it eventually threw the hook about 100 feet above the bottom. The fish farm at Laga Bay was being harvested by a large boat making a lot of noise, which didn’t help either.

The sonar was also performing very badly for much of the day, losing bottom lock far too easily (subsequently fixed by adjusting the transducer position on the transom a little – obviously got knocked during a launch/retrieval).

My creels produced 3 squat lobster (tiny but very sweet and tasty meat) and several hermit crabs, plus masses of brittle star in one particular creel. However it probably has to rank as my worst day on the loch, without a single spur at all.

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