A modest start to 2014

My 2014 fishing season kicked off in modest style on the Arbroath coastline with an early morning visit to Auchmithie. It’s been several years since I was here and in the dark it took some time to find the track down to the beach, negotiating a minor cliff-fall along the way.

A cold January sunrise cod hunting on the Arbroath cliffs
A cold January sunrise cod hunting on the Arbroath cliffs

Alas, my effort was in vain as the beach proved to be full of weed and I rapidly lost two sets of gear in a ferocious undertow. Deciding that this was a losing game I relocated to the Arbroath cliffs and made my way along towards Needles E’e in the early dawn light. The sea was still piling in but the mark was easily fishable and I settled down to wait.

First up was a decent codling of about 3 3/4lbs which was a nice start for the year and raised hopes of a few more of her cousins. Unhappily the next fish would’ve struggled to make 1lb, and the one that followed it was even smaller. Both got returned safely enough, but that was it for the morning and I packed it in about 1030 as I ran out of bait.

Nothing dramatic, but at least not a blank to start the year!

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